Android & iOS - Prevent "Split Screen"/"Pop-Up View"/Windowed UI

I’m working on a data-entry application for Android and iOS, and I’ve noticed that it automatically restarts if the application is resized - like if the user tries to change it to split-screen view, or open it in a windowed view (like a traditional desktop, which can be done in ChromeOS and some Android tablets).

I obviously don’t want users to completely lose their place in the application (and lose any data they’ve entered) from doing something as seemingly-innocuous as resizing the app.My first thought was to use an Angular service to keep a sort of “snapshot” of the current state of the application, but of course that service is also re-started when the app restarts and the “snapshot” is lost, so I can’t do that.

Is there some obvious solution that I’m missing? Or a preferred/best-practice method for explicitly preventing split-screen/windowed presentation of the app? A change I can make to config.xml?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with this.