Changing fullScreen() after login causes layout issues

Hey guys,

So I was using ionic.Platform.fullScreen(true, false) to hide the status bar if the user is on the /home or /signup route and that works but it causes the bottom of the app to sink in and cuts off elements (around 20px) at the bottom of the template (worked around that by adding new CSS but that’s also an issue).

However, the real problem comes when the user is logged in, I change the fullScreen to (false, true) to show the status bar but the layout is all messed up - attachment shows the emulator but same happens on actual device as well and I can’t use CSS fixes here because if the user quits and relaunches the app, the layout is fine - this only occurs if I change fullScreen() midway.

Does anyone have any fixes or workarounds for this?

This is a known issue with the statusbar plugin actually, on cordova’s side, AFAIK. Best bet is to report the issue here."statusbar"