Android Instant App?


Has Someone idea of how to implement Android Instant Apps with Ionic?


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Seems noone has tried this yet.

To be honest I also don’t know too much about it.

What exactly are the benefits of Instant Apps over normal apps?
What Instant App can I try to experience this?

Hello @Sujan12,

I heard about it after Google I/O 2017 and I guess that it will be a first step to new kinds of Android apps. Follow a description and its source.

Instant Apps, to sum things up in short, are apps that a user can use without having to download them! While this sounds absurd at the moment, this is all set to be the future of Android technology as we know it to be. An OS is as good as its apps are. Android certainly has no lack of apps. However, at times the size matters and users hesitate to download big apps, especially if they are on a slower connection, or on data connection.


That looks a lot like a PWA Web app to me though. An app you can use without downloading it but with more access to native features. Why not just do a PWA?

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Probably because “Google Play Store” I guess?

yeah that too I guess.