Android fullscreen not working with ionic 4 (Notch + toolbar)

we are in the middle of developing and testing our app on various devices and encounter an issue with android:

The ionic app doesnt expand to the areas next to a “notch” or a non present toolbar at the bottom.


ios handles it quite well:

The upper area besides the notch stays black (iOS iphone x handles it quite well and styles the area)
The lower black bar is where the deactivated toolbar would be i guess.

How can i make my android app behave like on the iPhone X where all these areas are covered properly?

Thanks for any hints/advice!

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still facing this issue. i’m not really at home in the android universe but this seems to be a problem at the native/cordova level. Any hints where to set the app behaviour in an android projects concerning the toolbar/notch behaviour?

I resolved it by manually calling this.statusBar.overlaysWebView(true); in the initializeApp() even though the docs say this is default.

Additionally i had to fix the missing top inset on android when a notch is present via

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it did not work for me

If you give some more detail i might be able to help you.
Like the contents of your initializeApp()

a quick solution, without relying on external plugins, nor set overlaysWebView true.
It is to set the background in backgroundColorByHexString of the same color as the toolbar.

This plugin is obviously completely bugged because using timer inside plateforme change a lot a things in my case, but finally getting work by using overlays too …

      setTimeout(() => {
      }, 500);