Android form & keyboard problem - The right way to write a form page?

(i hope its the right place to ask a question in ionic forums)
I have a problem with android form: when the keyboard goes up, the screen is about half size, and all my css design is ruined,
On iphone on the other hand, it is working great - all the css is kept, and i can scroll the screen down.
The way my partner wrote the css is using a lot of absolute values inside an ionic-content. The problem is that on android, the user can never see an object that is in height 80% of the screen.

I’ve tried playing with adjustPan or Resize, and fullscreen etc, but my best option is adjustPan which hides ~half of the screenby the keyboard without scrolling option.

My question is what is the solution here?
Is there an android way to make it keep the css like without keyboard and let it scroll?
Should we use ionic-scroll and a different way of css without absolute? We dont want any screen to have a scroll, since its not very user friendly on mobile.
What is the “right” css way of designing a page for a mobile?

Can you give me an advice please?

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