Issue with Form Scroll (Android and IOS)


Hi Guys,

I am developing hybrid app for Android and IOS platforms. In my Post Job form there are 20 fields are there.

Issue with Android (Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 2) and iPhone device (iPhone 5S, iPhone 5) is after Scrolling Up or Down the form, Form stucks some place i am not able to go up and down from that place.

As per i know may be height issue problem with the form.How to solve that?


IOS ISSUE (iPhone 5S)

Please help me on this…


It would work, set overflow-scroll=“true” on the ion-content element, which disables the custom Ionic scroller.


Can you provide a codepen or plunker showing some code? Might have a better chance of solving the issue with it


Hi mhartington,

Sorry for the late reply. still i am facing same issues. Please use Plunkr url.

  1. Please copy input form and test it in iPhone simulator. If you select drop down box (Select box) and drag the from in to up-ward direction, you can see white background so it takes full height.

  2. I tried to solve this issue using overflow-scroll=“true” after that in testing in IOS and Android, I found that if you click on any of the input element whole View is moving up. for example if you select Zip code view moves to the first element (Task Name).

  3. So i can not use overflow-scroll=“true” in my ion-content. Please help me out solve this issue.



Hi mhartington,

Its working fine now. There was CSS relate issue with my app.

In CSS we define .scroll-content {overflow:auto;}.So we need to remove overflow auto property from CSS after that it works fine.



Oh awesome.

Sorry for not getting back to you, I’ve been bouncing back and forth between here and github


awesome , i got this problem too .and now i got the solution .thank you