(Android/Capacitor) Local Notification Clear/Dismiss Button

Hi everyone,

I’m fairly new to capacitor and I want to use Capacitor Local Notifications, I try to avoid Cordova version because it has some issues on both Android and iOS.

My implementation for registering the action types:

        types: [
            id: 'FEEDBACK_RES',
            actions: [
                id: 'survey',
                title: 'Take Survey'
                id: 'dismiss',
                title: 'Remind Me Later',
                destructive: true,

The problem:
On iOS, the button Remind Me Later with the property destructive: true works as intended which is dismissing the notification, however on Android, it just takes me to the app while I want it to dismiss the notification.

I really hope anyone can help me on this, thank you very much!

Did you find a solution to this?