Android Buttons - Long Tap Doesn't work & No visual feedback

Am viewing the app on Android via Ionic View.

Using Ionic 2.

Nexus 5, Android 4.42

with (click) set.

When I tap the button, if I hold my hold my finger for more then a second or so the tap does not register.

Also, there’s no visual feedback during the tap (unlike IOS). There’s another post on that from Mar 14 but it looks to be still unresolved.


I believe that is by design. ‘Tap and hold’ is not the same as ‘Tap’.

Exactly my problem. Is there a solution today?

In traditional HTML, I could click and hold on a HTML element, then wait, and as long as I release the mouse button on the same element, click event is registered.
The current behavior is also differs from the native experience, where links/buttons click event is fired for such hold-and-release style “slow click”.