Android blank white screen even using ionic FRESH START files


Hi, I couldn’t solve my android blank screen problem in Android version 2.3.x (other versions work fine so far), so I tried to use fresh files from the start to investigate:

  1. $ ionic start myApp tabs
  2. I didn’t modify anything except removing this in the config file "preference name=“android-minSdkVersion” value=“16"”
  3. Build it using Phonegap Build
  4. Running in Android version 2.3.x -> Blank Screen (and running in other versions still fine using the same build)

Is it officially confirmed that ionic does not support Android version 2.3.x? kindly advise, thanks.


Inspect your phone/build with remote debugging or test it in android emulator and you will see the error message.

After all i would never ever build apps for android 2.x or 3.x phones. Smartphones with that versions will not have the performance to run hybrid apps or maybe anything else^^ smoothly. You need to include crosswalk to get the wanted look and feel.