Android app dependent on desktop app

I am new to ionic and love the simplicity it provides. I have a simple Angular app calling rest api for crud operations. It works fine on desktop browser using “ionic serve”. It works fine when accessed from Android phone browser when running on desktop as “ionic serve --address IP” and invoked as IP address.

When I built the apk using “ionic build android” and installed on an Android phone the app opens fine but not able to fetch REST data if the desktop server started by “ionic serve --address IP” is down. If I start the desktop ionic instance the app is able to get REST data.

Please let me know what am I missing

NOTE: The REST API calls are being made to a different IP directly from angular calls. (So I believe the app version should not be dependent on the desktop ionic instance to be up). When I invoke REST URL directly from mobile browser it is able to get the json response, so there is no connectivity issue between the mobile and the REST servicestrong text

If you check the logs on the phone, you’ll probably see that you need to install the whitelist plugin.

Pls advise how to check the logs on the phone. I already have the whitelist plugin. The thing puzzling me is why the REST API from the phone are routed through the ionic server on the desktop. I am missing something very basic :frowning:

One of the tools in the android sdk is android device monitor.

You’ll find it in android-sdk/tools/lib/monitor-x86 (or another monitor- folder).