Ionic App APK file cant getting response from RestAPI

I have created an ionic app and it work on PC (ionic lab) and also get response from the RestAPI, but when I run the APK file on Android device (ionic cordova run android) then it doesn’t get response from the RestAPI.

Information of Project:

Ionic version: 5.4.16
cordova version : 9.0.0
Android version : 9

RestAPI is running on the local machine (

so please help me out that how to get response from the restapi on android device it showing an below error.

 Http failure response for unknown url  unknown error {isTrusted: true}

Can you debug your code using chrome inspector.
F12 (on new tab)-> tap more (3 dots) -> More tools -> Remote devices -> choose your device and check whether you are able to see the network hit on network tab. Also might be CORS issue.

(You can see your device details below the Remote target )