Android Accessibility Issue "Content labels"

When I go to playstore -> Pre-release report in the “Accessibility” tab I get a message like this:

This item may not have a label that can be read by a screen reader.

It sometimes points to the complete app (I suppose the complete web view) and sometimes to parts like the app Header

Element path: android:id​/content​/WebView[0]​/WebView[0]​/View[0]​/View[0]​/View[0]​/View[1]​/View[0]​/View[0]​/View[0]​/View[0]​/View[0]​/View[0]

When I go into the “more info” link, it shows me documentation about “Content Labels” that does not help me because it is about native Android development.

Is this something I have to/can fix?

For info, my app is currently using Ionic 3 but I am working on an Ionic 4 update.