Always Loading when emulate on IOS Simulator

Hi! Every one, I have a problem when I try to run my app on IOS simulator.
The app always show system loading icon at landscape page, and after 10 mins apps still at landscape page. App runs normally on android devices and not thrown any error even warning message at terminal. so… i really confused, can anybody tell me why or how to fix it?

Have you checked any error logs within Safari? Make sure you have developer options enabled within safari and you should be able to inspect the device and view any console logs/errors. Also, try checking out Xcode logs. My guess is a file reference.

tks, Danny, i find the problem, i use this command:

ionic run  -l  ios

it works fine with

ionic emulate ios

Oh, I think the error is caused by the placement of the -l. Make sure its ionic run ios -l.

And if you are still getting errors, remove the -l. That is a flag for livereload and sometimes you’ll get errors where the app can’t connect to the livereload server and not run at all.