Alternatives to deep linking - $urlRouterProvider

Hello guys, I really need your help.
I’m working on an app who receives broadcast push notification and needs to route through pages. While lurking and searching this site / stackoverflow / the web for an answer, I found the solution of deep linking, but this not really fits my needs.
Is there an alternative to deep linking? Maybe using the urlRouterProvider?

I’m using Puship ( as push service and I get ‘where’ I have to go with the push parameters.
Basically, on my app, I can do this:

Puship.Common.OnPushReceived(function(event) { console.log(event.notification.Param1);

and get whatever I send (namely the page I want to show) to my registered devices.
I tried with; but it doesn’t work well, because the app doesn’t recognize some basic things like back button or “stylish” things like a plugin that give colour to the notification bar.

Please help me, Obi Wan Kenobi

Why not just use an where you make the connection from param to the state you want to go to and then use $state.go('route');?