All my Cordova function don't seem to be working on IOS

Hi all,

My whole app is working smoothly on android.
But on IOS, most (or all, I didn’t really check) of my cordova plugin don’t work.

For example:
$cordovaSocialSharing does nothing
$cordovaCamera same
cordova.getAppVersion to apply versioning of my app => same

I wish I could show you some log, but I’m going blindly into IOS development for now.
I don’t have a mac, and I’m just installing my app on devices using provisioning profile and the awesome ionic package function to build my .ipa

Did anyone face that problem already?
I am thinking, could it have a link with
<script src="cordova.js"></script> being commented in index.html? (since it’s supposedly already included in ionic-core)

Thanks for any help you could bring!