All ionic icons are gone

I am developing ionic 2 app. All working fine till yesterday.
Today I ran my app from cli and all ionic icons e.g. back arrow from navbar, menu icon, icons I am using in button all gone. In android X with a rectangle is shown at the place of all icons. In iOS no icon at all.
I am not getting how this happened but I tried to use custom font & I also tried using font awesome.
But did not apply it anywhere. Just integrated it.
How can I resolve this?

The icons are also a font. So maybe something is conflicting there.

Can you tell us what exactly you added?

I added Google Lato font. Should I remove that?

After removing all working good again. So how should I use google font throughout my app?

I use google fonts without problem (Lato btw. pick another one…just joking :slight_smile: )

There we had a discussion about how to achieve it:

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