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Any detailed guide or demo in how to fully upgrade existing ionic 2 app into PWA?



what happens if the user opens ionic progressive web app in a laptop browser? Ionic component styles are not meant to display well in laptop screen size


Hey there, getting very curious about PWAs, but after fiddling for about 3 hours now, I’m coming to seek some help.
Basically, I’m using ionic+firebase, and making use of firebase’s static hosting to distribute the content.
Bar some problems with build cycles being a bit weird on the browser platform, I’m having a hell of a time getting the cordova camera plugin to work.
I see there is a CameraProxy.js that’s supposed to make it compatible, but whatever I do, it just won’t allow me to get past the content-security-policy.
I’ve tried all the combinations I could think of, it’s just not allowing me to do anything media related. I get the permissions prompt, but that’s it.
Any idea how to magically fix this ?


How will Ionic’s platform detection work with PWAs?

It hurts Ionic’s PWA support if the framework is not able to detect if it is being “Added to Home Screen” in iOS/Android/Windows


One of the big showcases Google pushes for progressive web apps is the flipkart website.

The flipkart website looks good on desktop, tablet (for the most part), and mobile.

By having one website, I suspect maintenance of their code base is easier, and their authentication and authorization story is also easier.

The current way ionic 2 apps are built does not seem to scale well for tablet and desktop. And if you have an existing website, it is murky how ionic 2 can leverage auth-related code in the website. You really end up with maintaining two separate “apps”. Doesn’t this sort of defeat the benefits of a PWA?

It will be interesting to see what is coming, because I don’t see how the current model fits PWA.

The dotnetrocks podcast recently had an episode about PWA, and Chris Love had some great points in the comments section.


I have developed a pwa using ionic v1.3… If interested I can share details… Visit and visit in mobile view


Good point …ionic team should respond to this… Or we should have a new thread of it


So, a few thoughts on this. One of the advantages of Ionic is that you also get a mobile app for the app stores out of it. That’s something that Flipkart wouldn’t get, though they would get a desktop codebase. So, maybe that’s a wash but it is more that one gives you one thing and the other gives you something else.

That being said, we are starting a serious effort to add desktop and tablet support to Ionic, so in the near term we expect to have Ionic deployment to native app (tablet and mobile), PWA, electron, and desktop app.

As for auth, there are a few ways to tackle that. First, Ionic apps can just use any auth API (oauth, JWT, etc.), and many web apps are built with this kind of authentication. If not, it’s not going to be a big effort to add traditional session/cookie auth to an Ionic web app and to easily render these apps with server side rendering. We don’t technically support that yet but it’s something you get from Angular and Angular Universal with Ionic is going to be something we push in 2017.


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when we can expect the desktop and tablet addition to ionic


Hi Max. Is there any timeline for Angular Universal support for ionic 2. We have developed a PWA with ionic 2 but struggling with SEO for the same. I have tried setting up Angular Universal with our ionic pwa but it fails - could not even get it to build. Please let us know your plans with Angular Universal.


hey! last month I went to meet up (Angular beers) in Barcelona where spoke about progressive web, I recommend you to see this video…

Proggressive web - Angular Beers- MeetUp Barcelona


I’m a little confused. Is the intention to serve up a cordova browser platform app? Or is an Ionic Progressive Web app just an Angular app that works without cordova or any plugins? (Am I serving my website out of platforms/browser/www in production or something else?)


Hi all! I have been digging a bit into PWA. I develop apps with both ionic1 & ionic2, and my main concern is if we are able to use cordova plugins in PWAs? We use a lot of them, from camera to contacts to clipboard. How can I still make use of them in a PWA?

Thanks all!


See this

Chcek if cordova plugin is there and then hide/show the input


Cordova is built on html5 apis. So most of them should work fine (you will have to polyfill a few of them based on your browser support). You will find workarounds for most at least for chrome on android


Google to buy Ionic… I see it coming


Hi there,
I am building an ionic app which needs to support both of mobile and desktop. I tried to use ionic cloud and Auth & Push service to simplify the development process. But it seems current Auth service (“custom” login) does not support Desktop browser interaction. Is there any near plan to include Desktop support with ionic cloud Auth service? any beta program?




Is there anyway to force the sidemenu open permanantly for a PWA? I understand the need for off-canvas on an actual device however it seems like on desktop there is so much unused space that the PWA looks very bare.

If there was an option to keep the side menu open then this would combat some off that.

Anyone had experience with this?


Yes, there is. It’s called split-pane. See here.