After upgrading to Ionic 6, LifeCycle Hooks are not triggering


Last week I upgraded my app to ionic 6, and I noticed a strange behavior.

1 - The main page contains a list of forms.
2- If I go to another page to create a new form, when I go back to home page, the lifecycle hook onIonViewWillEnter or onIonViewDidEnter is not triggered. Consequently, the created form is not listed.
3- I have to go to another page and return to home page again to get this form listed.

On Ionic v5 everything used to work fine.

Maybe it is related to this issue

There are no methods that start with ‘on’.

Thanks for your reply @Hills90210.

That is because I use Composition API:


Report it as a bug on github. You will need a minimum reproducible project.

the lifecycle hooks only work in components that are pages, is your component a page?

Hi @aaronksaunders, thanks for your reply.

Yes it is a page, and it used to work quite well on ionic 5.
I suspect that after I updated to ionic 6, some component (like “tab” component) may be causing some conflict. I need to investigate a little deeper.

I created a small example, without any extra component, and the lifecycle hooks seems to be working. When I add some extra components, it is causing some new behaviors like Lifecycle hooks not working properly and white screen.

Please provide a link to sample project

I’ve opened an issue here

Solved on issue here