Advanced search in big list


I’m pretty new to Ionic, Phonegap and AngularJS, but I have experience in html, css, javascript and a little knowledge about databases.
For my first Ionic-App I need to search a big list. I have seen a few examples about searching (filtering) lists. In those examples I viewed, there’s always data in JSON, containing all the information and the list is built using ng-repeat with a filter, which “searches” and updates the list. As I recall, the search is done using one of the attributes of the JSON-Objects.

Now I’m going to have a lot of data, which will be formatted like this:
ID - Name1 - Name2 - Attribute1 - Attribute2 - Attribute3 - Attribute4 - Attribute5
The search has to filter the list for ID, Name1 and Name2.

How can I achieve this the best way? Is using a filter on a list a viable option - if so, how is the query? I guess it’s going to be slow, when having 1000-3000 data records. I don’t know if using a database is needed for this. The list should display whatever matches the search criteria (ID, name1, name2).
Any help is appreciated.

I want something like this, but without pictures. When clicked on a list item, a new view is opened containing all the information to one object

(not pasting it in, since it takes a lot of time to load)

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