Adding webRTC support to ios webview for twilio plugin of my ionic app

I am using twilio cordova plugin for voip calling in my ionic app for IOS platform.I have everything(plugins, frameworksetc…) set perfectly, and was able to run my app in development mode on my iPad.
However, when i tried to call setup method of the twilio cordova plugin in my javascript code, i am receiving an error like this :

(The line that is struck off in the image shows an error in loading jquery. but i checked this has nothing to do with the actual issue, because the jquery selectors ,e.g. $("#mydivId") are working perfectly)

I have used an iPad with IOS version 9.3.5 for testing this.
Could anyone please let me know how to enable webRTC support in my web view(or ionic app)?

Did you get it to work?