Ionic 3 share from social network TO an ionic app


I found documentation to add share plugin, to share something from my ionic app to facebook, twitter, intagram etc. But I found nothing about sharing things from intagram/twitter/facebook TO my ionic app.

Can you guide me please ?

This Social sharing plugin docs available.but now activated ionic-v4,so i prefered another url for given below.Please use this link.

But one thing.which application you sharing,(facebook)this application want must install in your share for facebook you need install in your mobile,that is work.Thank you!..

Thanks but this is not what i’m looking for. I want my ionic app to receive shared content from other apps.
In your link (and the documentation), the sharing plugin allows to share from ionic app to other app.

It seems ionic can’t really handle that sort of things outof the box. That’s a pity.
i’ll keep digging. Thanks