Adaptive to hardware

I am trying to write my app so that it is responsive to the hardware available. If the user is on iphone or a device without NFC I would like to show button A, but if they are on android (or when iphone actually open up NFC for developers!) and has NFC available then I would like to show button B. I can get the platform easily with but do not know how to determine if NFC is an available piece of hardware on the device? Additionally how can I request permission to NFC on android? the code for reading tags works well, but with Android 6 and above you need to ask permission at run time for the hardware and also then enable it from within the app…cant see how to do this?

Any help very much appreciated.

The NFC plugin has an enabled() function to check whether NFC is available and enabled.

For Android permissions there is also a plugin.

Omg why did I not see that! Lol! Have looked and looked and googled all more information and saw nothing! Sleepy eyes! Many thanks to you!