Action sheet with tab navigation

How to use action sheet with tab navigation. Open action sheet on tab click


you can use ng-click on ionTab to call a funcion inside a controller that show up action sheet

EDIT: (Click on contact to show ActionSheet)

How to open action sheet above the tab so that other tabs can be click while action sheet is open

I think you cant. From docs:

The Action Sheet is a slide-up pane that lets the user choose from a set of options. Dangerous options are highlighted in red and made obvious.

There are easy ways to cancel out of the action sheet, such as tapping the backdrop or even hitting escape on the keyboard for desktop testing.

By design, (and definition) this is not possible (I think)

It’s funny that the doc still says dangerous options are highlighted in red. That’s true on iOS and PC (dev) but on Android it now all appears black on white without rounded corners…