No navigate from action Sheet

Here is a simple one, and if you answer, I will be really happy as I haven’t got any lock in this forum for a while.
The documentation for action sheet says

Action Sheets can sometimes be used as an alternative to menus, however, they should not be used for navigation.

Does that means that I cannot call nav.push from an item in ActionSheet.

The reason I am asking is because I am trying to do that, my action sheet is basically a CRUD menu, and after navigation, I see a dead black page with no effect.

Less of a functionality, but more UI/UX standpoint.

These are ideas taken from iOS and Android app guidelines. While you can technically do this, it’s just not the intended purpose. They’re mostly intended for any interaction for that particular view.

Got it thanks.
Although, I cannot really navigate away in a good fashion. Sometimes it gives me a black page after transition, which might be an error on my side; but in other case, it gives me a black page, and then transitions to another page. This one definitely not my error.