Action sheet looks strange on mobile


Hi everyone. Action sheet on mobile looks diferent from web browser action sheet. How to make them the same? Thanks


Web browser


That’s the point of Ionic, it adapts to running platform.

I don’t think you can change this.


I too had the similar issue with the action sheet.
There are few classes which you see in the markup.

//This class is the header.(In your example Modify your album)

.action-sheet-title {
    text-align: center

//This is the class for each option(In your case the container of Edit and Delete)

.action-sheet-options {


//This is the class for each option(In your case Edit / Delete)

.action-sheet-option {


//This is the parent/top most class of the whole action sheet

.action-sheet-wrapper {


Child of action-sheet-wrapper class

.action-sheet {


You an use these classes to override the default CSS.
I think this will serve the purpose.