Accessing file system of ios and android

Hello All,

I have been searching for the solution to access the file-system of android and ios. I have tried using the following cordova plugin CORDOVA-FILE, but didn’t get any where.

I have a app where I want to select .pdf and .docx files and upload them.
If any one has a solution or a piece of code, that would be helpful.


You might want to use the HTML5 element:

<input file="type" />

For a more ‘Angular-friendly’ solution, you could try using the following library (which ultimately also uses the HTML5 input element):

However, if you’re looking for a native Cordova solution to access the file system, I’m stumped as well. That’s something I’d like to know too. The problem is that using the HTML5 solution is pretty limited in terms of options.

@warrenjoe92 Thanks for your reply. I have did some research and I found out that you can access Android file system but not of IOS except app folder. So, I think we need to find a different approach if we want to upload PDF or DOC files from mobile.

Yeah on iOS you have to use some service like iCloud Drive or Google Drive to upload documents.

By the way I’ve found some third-party Cordova plugins that allows the user to select files for upload: (for Android) (for iOS)