How to upload document on android - any plugin support for ios 7

Hi all,

My apps need choose file pdf, docx, excel,… and upload to server.

I have search and find some plugins:

but don’t support IOS 7 .

Can you recommended plugin or any solution?

Thank you so much!

Can you give some more info on what you have tried so far…

The obvious answer to me would be:
I haven’t tried that one on IOS7 yet but I think it should work.

i try but i can’t get right url of file to upload with cordova transfer

Can you specify a bit more what is going wrong and what you have tried so far to get it going.
sometimes some code snippets also help to see what is going on…

Try this tutorial to get you going on file uploads via cordova-plugin-file

a good tutorial on how to write a good forum question:

good luck…