Access multiple values of a chosen radio button?

I’ve got a group of radio buttons that returns the value value of the selected button. I want to able to bind more than one value to each button (price, image-url etc.). I can’t figure out how to edit the example code I found to do this.
Here is my current code:

$scope.modelList = [
  { text: "Model1", value: "Model1", price: "???" },
  { text: "Model2", value: "Model2", price: "???" },
  { text: "Model3", value: "Model3", price: "???" },
  { text: "Model4", value: "Model4", price: "???" }

<ion-radio ng-repeat="item in modelList" ng-value="item.value" ng-model="data.model">
  {{ item.text }}
  {{ data.model }}
  {{ I want to display "price" here  }}

I assume the solution is really simple but I’m new to Angular so I can’t figure it out.


Just add the name attribute:

<ion-radio ng-repeat="item in modelList" ng-value="item.value" ng-model="data.model" name="{{item.value}}"> {{ item.text }} </ion-radio>

In this case you’re going to give it the value of the item that it must be different for each of the item in modelList (or just add an index to the modelList that will be different from each other).