Access GCM notification payload when app is not running

I have implemented push notifications using cordova push plugin. My problem is, when the app is not in foreground, i receive push notifications but i don’t know how to access the payload attached to it. I want to extract the message and save in SQLite db locally. I am able to do the same when app is in foreground.

switch( e.event ) {
                        case 'registered':
                            //Code to handle registred event

                        case 'message':
                            // if this flag is set, this notification happened while we were in the foreground.
                            if ( e.foreground ) {
                                //Code to handle foreground notification. e.payload contains the notification message.
                            } else {
                                // otherwise we were launched because the user touched a notification in the notification tray.
                                if ( e.coldstart ) {
                                    console.log('[+] --COLDSTART NOTIFICATION--');
                                } else {
                                    console.log('[+] --BACKGROUND NOTIFICATION--');

                                // Should redirect to detail page and append data to databse
                            console.log('[+] PAYLOAD: ' + JSON.stringify(e.payload));

                        case 'error':
                            console.log('[-] ERROR -> MSG:' + e.msg);
                            phonegapService.getToastService().showShortTop('[-] ERROR -> MSG:' + e.msg);

                            console.log('[-] Unknown, an event was received and we do not know what it is');

I’ve run into the same issue. Were you able to resolve this?