PhoneGap push plugin on notification callback doesn't called from background

  • Device registration is successful.
  • Test notifications sent from Firebase Test Console.
  • They arrive to the device:
  • When app is in the foreground, notification event is fired as it should be. OK
  • When app is in the background, the message appears on the notification bar of the os. If I click on it, my app gets activated and that’s all. The notification event has not been called this way. NOT OK

Shall I tell the app somehow to fire that callback when it gets activated by clicking on a notification on the notification drawer?

It was caused by Firebase Test Console but I don’t know how. If I send messages by node-gcm everything is working. I have dumped the incoming messages to logcat to see the difference between the two message and the only difference is that the collapse_key property contains the apk name when sending from Firebase and contains the “do_not_collapse” string when sending from node-gcm. What does this mean?