Abstract state views are... Abstract

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me on this matter. I am trying to use abstract states in Ionic and I am very confused as to how this is supposed to work. From the documentation and my understanding these are supposed to act as a container for my views. Then the views load a template. Essentially the same way angular ui-routing works.

I am trying to make a wizard that asks the user questions with several views, prompting them to answer questions collecting data. ANYWAY - the routing is confusing to me. In my code I have this:


evntLanding.html is the page that I am trying to land on and the HTML I put in my Fiddle. With my limited understanding of how this works is where content should be displaying and it should switch based which route is linked with a “ui-sref”. I have each of my sub-views wrapped in an . I know I am probably totally missing how this is supposed to work but can anyone explain it to me or provide a working example? Currently navigating to /wizard or any of the wizard/someviewhere does nothing.

Thanks again!