Abnormal scrolling behaviour on Android for long list of text

I am building a Cordova project using the Ionic framework. The app basically is for viewing content. I am simply loading and appending html text to the page, and the user scrolls through it for reading. I have faced very strange behaviour; when there is a large amount of text and the user tries to scroll, the scroll does not work unless he scrolls over a background. If he happens to first tap on the text, the scroll won’t work. It must be on the white ‘invisible’ part of the content.

I have spent 2 days trying to debug this problem. It works in the desktop browser (when debugging) but not on the device, I am using a Galaxy s4 mini for testing. Can it be an issue specific to my device? Again, this only happens when there a lot of text on the page.

This is the code for the part containing the ion-content:

<ion-side-menu-content drag-content="false" ng-init="searchOb={enabled:false}">
            <ion-header-bar class="bar-dark" ng-controller="ReaderCtrl" ng-init="init()"
                <div class="buttons">
                    <button class="button ion-arrow-left-a" ng-if="config.mode!='bundle'"
                    <div class="coverImgContainer thumbnail floatLeft"
                         style="width:30px; height:37px; margin-right:5px">
                        <img class="portrait" ng-src="{{data.epub.book|coverPath}}"/>
                <button class="button icon-right ion-android-dropdown button-clear" ng-click="chapterClicked()">
                <h1 class="title"></h1>

                <div class="buttons">
                    <a ui class="button icon button-icon ion-search" ng-click="searchOb.enabled=true"></a>
                    <a ui class="button icon button-icon ion-android-drawer" ng-click="menuClicked()"></a>
            <searchHeader searchid="searchOb" onsearch="searchContent(key)"></searchHeader>

            <pageOptions ng-controller="PageOptionsCtrl" ng-init="init()"></pageOptions>
            <ion-content ng-controller="ContentCtrl" class="contentContainer ebook-content has-header has-footer"
                         on-release="mouseUp()" ng-mousemove="mouseMove()" on-scroll="scroll()"
                         on-swipe-right="onSwipeRight()" on-swipe-left="onSwipeLeft()" scroll="true"
                         delegate-handle="content" padding="true" autoscroll="false"
                         has-bouncing="true" id="epubContainer">

                <div ng-bind-html="data.book.chapter.content"></div>

                <ion-refresher ng-if="chapterIndex>0" pulling-text="Previous Chapter.."