A shout out to Josh Morony

I bought Josh’s book a year ago when I first started my journey into Ionic 2. A year later, I just received a free update to Ionic 4 with all the updates for Capacitor/Stencil/WhateverElseVoodoIsTheNewInThingInIonic

I am finally going to start reading about all the changes since Ionic 2. I just did not have the time or inclination to keep up with all the rapid changes so far and was waiting for his update (which I was fully prepared to buy, but did not need to, as he made it a free update)

Looking back at the book changes from v2 to v4, its a lot of extra work, a lot of rewrite and I am (pleasantly) surprised this was offered free.

So a shout out to you @joshmorony for doing this.

I’d recommend others to buy his books (and/or courses) and also refer to his videos, many of which are free.


Thanks, it helps a lot to hear supportive messages like this :grinning:


Me too! I bought your book two years ago so it was an awesome surprise to see the free upgrade to your Ionic 4 book. Have been checking the change log almost daily waiting for Ionic 4 to come out and your blog posts gave me a great headstart.

Looking forward to checking our your Ionic Elite course! :smile:

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