404 when directly access URL in PWA

i have a default login-screen for registered users:

For not registered Users I want to send a specific URL via email, which leads direct to the register page (so they don’t have to search for the register button).

The register page works fine with ionic serve but in production mode on real webspace the it’s always only a 404 error.

https://.../register/ → 404
https://.../register redirects to https://.../register/login → 404


    path: '',
    redirectTo: 'login',
    pathMatch: 'full'

Because it’s working with ionic serve the routing should be fine?
I tested to set the <base href="/"> to <base href=""> in the index.html, but it changed nothing.

Someone any ideas here?

I found similar postings, but not with working solutions:

Ok, it took some time, but I got it…

Pointet me to the right direction: Apache routing has to be off, for the Angular routing to manage all.
(If you run in similar problems, don’t forget to clean the cache :wink: )