Ionic 4 - link to specific page give error 404

I’m using the conference template. On local server (ionic serve) I can enter the specific url and the page will display. eg However when uploaded to live server, it will give error 404 Page Not Found. Same thing when refresh the page.

Appreciate any help. TQ

Thats not ionic issue that is an issue in your API so install postman or insomnia to test your api and then if it works fine there then you are good to go and use it in ionic and if your backend api is in laravel then you might be facing some authentication problem, if your API route is in middleware take it out of middleware. This is a server side problem.

I’m not using any API.
I created a new ionic 4 project using the sidemenu template and upload to firebase hosting, without any changes to the codes.

When you refresh the page or go to, it will give error 404, Page not Found. It is working on my localhost

I tried with Siteground hosting and firebase hosting, both give same error.

I crashed into the same error. Did you find out what to do?