404 on "Demo source" linked from docs


Im trying to build out a form and tried a few links to the “Demo Source” to view on github, looks like its a 404?


Any idea when they will be back up?


They’re prepping for Ionic 4, so they moved the Ionic 3 code to a different link. I figured this out just today btw. Go to the Ionic 3 repo and look for the local path. I skimmed the Select code there just this morning.

Amazing, thanks Aaron!

Ok, am i going crazy? I cannot find the range demos. The furthest i got was here, but cannot find the range demo in there.

Im specifically looking for the range with 2 options, the one titled ‘STRUCTURE’ on this page:

Any guidance would be amazing, this framework is new to me.



Its this kind of immature breaking change that makes me wonder why anyone would choose this platform. Documentation is one of the most important pieces to a framework like this. Just plain silliness that I have to look in the forums to figure out how to get to documentation.