3th inputfield disabled on some devices

We are launching an app on next saturday. But how weird can it be.
Now some test users report that they can not use a field in a view to input the choosen password second time to confirm.

On some devices this inputfield is disabled. I never saw this before. No way I coded myself to disable this field.

Does anybody has a clue why this happen. Better, has anybody a solution for this.
With this not working we can not launch.

Is there a way to make sure a field is enabled???

I would appreciate it very much.

A far as I can see now it happens on device with Android 4.1.2

Hm, never heard of this randomly happening. Have you seen this your self in your tests?

No newer saw this. This is frustating weird. In 1 company with 5 people all have the same device. No one else.

Maybe checkout genymotion to get a 4.1 vm?

I try this after the weekend. I now have to hurry too release the app before launch tomorrow without this 3th field
thanks for your help