Issues typing into Ionic forms on both stock android and Genymotion emulators

Hi, I’m wondering if anybody else has had issues with filling in forms on android emulators? The weird behavior often kicks in when typing into the second input on forms, mostly there’s no issue with typing into the first input of forms but that’s not the case with trying to fill in other form fields.

This behavior is not replicated on the browser, only happens on emulators (both stock and Genymotion). Could any css value or property be rendering form input(s) disabled on emulators?

I experience the same thing. I’m new to Genymotion so I can’t offer any help, but at least you know you’re not alone!

experiencing this, too. Any news on how to fix it?

Turned out the activation of on-screen keyboard was responsible for the behavior on my PC at the time. Deactivating the on-screen keyboard and/or restarting my system did the trick for me. Wouldn’t be too sure why…