2 Columns with ion-virtual-scroll not working

Hello. I just changed my code to have an ng-repeat in my column to this:

      <ion-virtual-scroll [items]="places" approxItemHeight="200px">
        <ion-col size="12" size-lg="6" *virtualItem="let place">
          <ion-card (click)='viewDetails(place.id)' no-padding no-margin>

When I have ng-repeat in ion-col and no virtual scroll, it works great. There are two columns. When I do it this way it creates one column with 50% width. Do you know what could be causing it to break to a new line even though it is properly doing the column size 6 and 50% max width (Verified by CSS)? Also if I place the ion-card-header before ion-row or ion-grid it creates a lot of errors. Beta 19 here.

See Virtual scroll with 2 columns