2.0.0 final released!


I;m sorry, my English is little.

I had been disappointed with ionicV1.
Because… it’s terrible performance in android.
Is it worth changing ionicV1 to ionicV2?

below is my app.



Excited! Would be great if we can get an option to select Ionic 2.0 Final in the ionic marketplace when submitting / editing an Addon.


I dont understand why they talk about slow startups. My app android and ios boot fast af. I only needed to code the app so that on startup only a few things witch are importand got loaded like the UI and then after its lunched it starts all other services that are nessesary. Well people could say that this doesnt change much because the user have to wait for all services after the ui show up but no. If you have a stable internet connection all things load fast enough that the user dont get known by this workaround.

Im sorry for the words i spelled wrong :smiley:


How long does it take for your app to start?


@brandyshea @mhartington @Kobzol
Congratulations! I am impressed with your speed of development and quality of work.

Is there any way to upgrade from RC6 to Final?
I looked but no instruction was found.


if you have RC6, just run following command:

npm install --save --save-exact ionic-angular@2.0.0


@Kobzol 2 Seconds to show the UI and then about 2 - 5 Seconds to start all Services. If you have fast Internet it only takes 2 seconds. I think thats fast enough.


Unfortunately, timings are not a lot of use unless some ‘standard’ is applied along with a description of the hardware/software it is run on. I use Ionic’s own Conference Application as my ‘standard’ and on my Nexus 7 (2013) running Android 6.0.1 built with 2.0.0 FINAL using the --prod option. The launch time (pressing icon until first UI display) is ~ 8 seconds. Personally, for me, that is far too long and as such I believe users would abandon the app. I have been informed by Ionic (Dan) that they are aiming to reduce that to less than 4 seconds, Although the Conference Application is not overly complex I believe less than 4 seconds should be reasonably OK. Just hoping they achieve their target fairly soon as I have a project I need to start …
Cheers Phil Rob


I am also confused about the final release… At first when the news came out I didn’t believe til I saw by myself.
there are so much issues that hasn’t been solved yet. A very brief example of this , swipe-able tabs… there is no feature for that…I mean come-on almost every app has this. Also, lazy loading, which extremely needed when you have such a huge data/Modules that need to be loaded… it hasn’t been much time since I started using Ionic framework, and its good , they have done a great job, but I am already considering other alternatives, cuz such simple things like “swipe-able tabs” is a pain in the neck when I can’t find a solution for it.


@yasirpanjsheri here are workarounds for swipe-able tabs but i think if you load to much data in each tab they are buggy as hell. But you could try it.


where is the workaround ?? thanx btw, much appreciated


Here you can buy it:

or you search in the internet. I know there is one working free tutorial but i could find it anymore :smiley:


Something like: ionic build android -prod ?

Not available in last version of ionic cli no ?


I know you don’t want to put a timeline on reducing launch time but, I need to start a project soon and would really like to use Ionic2. Dan has said he expects to reduce launch time by ~50% to less than 4 secs (based on your Conf App which currently launches in ~8 secs on my Nexus 7 2013 with Android 6.0.1 using --prod and 2.0.0 Final) Can you give any very rough sort of indication, days? weeks? months? year? Then I can decide on the framework I will use and if it cannot be Ionic2, when to come back and look again.
Cheers Phil Rob


Application boot on android device takes lot of time. I have tested about 22 sec boot time on some devices. Also I can see white screen after splash for the first time application loads. A quick help to reduce boot time is appreciated!! Thanks in advance! ( ionic-angular v2.0.0, angular v2.2.3 )


I’ve tried anything today without luck (changing node version, typescript from 2.0.3 to 2.0.9, etc.):

  • conference app … it has like 8 pages: starts in 5-6 seconds
  • my full app… like 30 pages: 10-12 seconds
  • if i remove all the pages and shrink down the starting time reduces

Of course building without --prod or --aot makes the boot even longer: 32 seconds.

Removing the plugins or Xwalk has no effects.
I’ve putted a new date() in index.html and used this to calculate the time of the execution of the app constructor and of the ready() event.

But no worries i’ve created a nice pure CSS animated preloader to engage the user meanwhile :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the information - very useful. What hardware and operating system version are you running on?
Understand having an animated preloader for the user, but business clients expect (and demand) a reasonable launch time otherwise it is just not an acceptable application for them I’m afraid. Usually want sub 4 secs these days.


I’m testing with Asus ZenPhone 1Ghz 2RAM Droid 6.x
could not test with other old phones (Hawei, Nodis) because those are running droid 4.2 or 4.3 that is not supported.

Its around 4-5secs on the customer’s samsung S7


I have another problem with “–prod” flag when ionic run android --prod or ionic build android --prod, nav.getActive() is missing. But everything is fine without --prod flag.


Any chance you could share how to create the preloader?
I would love to be able to implement something like that for my users.