2.0.0 final released!



Its a normal angular preloader, put your HTML in the main app tag and only use PURE CSS for the animations.


I really appreciate this!


Thanks for the detail on pre-loader - useful to know that approach has been tested and works. Not heard back from Ionic on any rough estimates on how long they may take to deliver some form of reduction in launch time so, going to assume it isn’t imminent and go with another framework I’ve evaluated for now. Whilst not as feature rich as Ionic2/Angular2 it can deliver my current needs. I was surprised Ionic moved to 2.0.0 Final with this issue still being ‘worked crazy hard on’. Hopefully, I can re-visit Ionic2 later once something is announced …


Hi. We also have problems with the app taking a long time to load on Android (it’s very fast on iOS). I did as badpenguin suggests above to put some loading screen up between the ion-app tags but we experience a very different behaviour in our app. The splash screen has been set to 3000 ms and after that fades away the screen goes black for a few seconds before the contents of ion-app is shown for a few milliseconds (just a flash) before the first page is showing.

I wonder why the screen goes black between the splash and first page?


If you use preloading you have to disable the splash screen, i don’t use it. The screen is white for 1 second but i use fade-in so the user does not notice and think its part of the animation.


Well the problem seems to affects only some android phones. I don’t had this problem with IOS or Samsung 7. Also i don’t think its ionic fault… the problem is the angular loading/compiling time. Ionic2 uses 2.0.x of angular maybe with next release they will target a less bugged angular2/4 version that is not slow to load.

The real problem i see is that also some transitions seems choppy the first time them are bein executed, its seems like the constructor or the background initialization of the page does interferee with it. :-/


Thanks - here’s some more background on this from Dan - see attached issue I raised a couple of
weeks ago.


Ah ok, so it might be wise to just drop the splash screen then and just use a static one (or some css animation as you) inside the ion-app tag. Interesting, might try that.

Also you are right that on a newer Samsung phone this did not seem to be the case, and boot time is way faster. The phone I am testing on is an older HTC m7 which has this black screen showing for a long time before the white one, although it is very intermittent. Sometimes it fades directly from the splash screen to the white one showing the ion-app content I have put inside index.html and other times it fades to the black one.

The first line in my console log when inspecting my mobile device through Chrome is this also:

“deviceready has not fired after 5 seconds.”


AFAIK black screen = splashscreen enabled but image, resources or the plugin has something wrong; better purge it and reinstall it again if needed and maybe regenerate resources too


I have tried flushing the plugins and reinstalling them. And the resources are generated as normal PNG files using the ionic2 resource generation. I did try to move the plugin up in the config.xml file to check if that had something to do with it. I also made sure I was using the latest version of the plugin too, but there is still intermittent black screen (like 50% of the time it fades to the black screen instead of the index.html. It might perhaps be some of the other plugins that are causing it?


Hello @brandyshea
Can you help me.
I am going to the app using background mode with Ionic 2.
The design is very simple, it’s a demo app.
There is a button in the app screen, only one button there is.
When I click the button, the app screen should disappear and the app should work in the background.
I already used cordova-plugin-background-mode plugin.
The plugin works fine in the background but app screen doesn’t go away.
How can I solve this problem?
Thank you.


Congratulations to 2.0.0. We all waited a long time for this moment!
I am already started to developing in ionic 2
but i develop lots of application in ionic 1, those application require for future enhancement .there is any problem for ionic 1 application future enhancement for upcoming years.can i continue with ionic 1 for those old application?


It’s far from final… Push Notifications don’t work!!! :confounded::pensive::cry::broken_heart:


Push notifications certainly do work, as I have recently implemented them on my own app. Though I have only used them with android and not iOS.