1.0.0-beta.3 "americium" released!

Quick turnout, cool… but the file downloadable from ionicframework.com is butchered… the is no directory structure (all files are in the root of the zip) and at least ionic.bundle.js is wrong (there is an open comment missing at around line 26).


@egiraudy: It works great for me. What OS are you on, and what program are you using to unzip the file?

I am still using the first beta. Are there any ground breaking changes (especially in infinite-scroll and pull to refresh functionality)?

p.s. were you able to solve “the keyboard issue” btw?

@andy, I am using DCommander on Mac… will report the issue to those guy, if I open the zip with the standard tool(s), the content looks good.
Sorry for the trouble!

Multiple modals

The beta 3 implements a backdrop for the modal with ngClick function to hide the modal. My view has multiple modals and their backdrops seem to overlap. Clicking will close the the modal because a backdrop sits on top of the modal. Any recommendations on how to handle multiple modals. Should I remove() them on close and rebuild them each time?

Great job speeding up the release process! I’m sure it will speed the increase in quality of the framework. Would I be too greedy to ask if there are any plans on a release candidate or final 1.0 release?

By the way, the ionic.min.css isn’t actually minified in the zip, can it be fixed without a second release?

Thanks again for the awesome work and commitment!

Hi @varun,

beta.3 does not implement the modal close on backdrop click functionality; the nightly build does. (see http://code.ionicframework.com/nightly/CHANGELOG.html, this updates every commit to master)

I just pushed a fix a few minutes ago for that exact bug in nightly, it should appear in the changelog soon.

Thats true, sorry I assumed nightly was same as beta 3. Thanks for the quick reply!


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Is any testing don’t on iOS v6 real devices. As I am having a screen size issue that is along the lines on the old statusbar issues. The app is sized the length of the statusbar to big and hence the app is scrollable from the tab bar to the top nav bar.

see attached pics.

This was ok up too and including build 1569 but once I went to 1839 it was broken. App is fine in iOS7.x and Android 4.3 - just iOS v6 (on iPhone4).

another thread I started on it is here. nightly1839 iOS v6 statusbar issue again ok on v7.1

screen shots follow:

should I log an issue


@darrenahunter I glanced at your screenshot and my jaw dropped - thats a massive coincidence - i live in Bayside Melbourne :open_mouth:

Hi Darren! Could you log an issue for it please?


there is a warning that is presented in ionic.bundle.min regarding default events.

event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.

this is in latest beta 3 download. Please can you check if this can be fixed.

Thanks andy. I have https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/1246

Hey Ash.
Small world. Ionic powering bayside

I seem to be having a similar problem. On iPhone 5 / IOS7 the app draws correctly. When the user does a pull to refresh action, a statusbar’s worth of space is added to the header and the footer icon names get clipped. I did not see this behavior in beta.1, but today when I upgraded to beta.3 it appeared. I’m relatively new to ionic, so I could easily be doing something wrong.


Having the same problem on iOS6 devices. I can actually drag my entire view via the tab and nav bar. The viewport is all messed up. I tried the fix that was done (followed the link to the issue tracker above), and the height issue is resolved but the bug with viewport size persists.

Hi Guys, this is my first entry here in the forum so i’d like to say what a amazing job you guys are doing. Thanks for this great framework.

After updating to beta-3 i recognize many ghosting effects for my lists and content areas while dragging the content. Please see my screenshot below. This problem occurs on iOS version 6 and 7.