0.9.20 Alpha Lynx Released

  • Improved transitions between views
  • Fixed hide-nav-bar/hide-back-button view attributes
  • Removed title attributes from DOM
  • Remove nav title if the entering view doesn’t have one
  • Fix padding being added to content directive

As always please let us know how its working, any bugs you may find, or any features which would be helpful.


UPDATE: In case you get a ModalProvider not found issue: Modal has been renamed to $ionicModal.

did the resource provider name for Modalchange? Because I get this error now:


All services renamed with $ionic prefix

FYI - on Koala I removed ngRoute (from the list of included angular code) and all worked well on Koala. Now on Lynx, I have had to add ngRoute back again because I was getting route provider errors (even though all my code has moved over to state not routes)
In case that helps anyone

On Koala, I was able to set within on stateChangeStart - $animate.enabled(false) - and that would force a transition to be an immediate load, not a left / right animation.

On Lynx, setting $animate.enabled(false) meant no animation, but no change of page to the new page either (which to me, meant just a blank screen). May be a bug, may just be something that we have to live with now

Hey @alexb, thanks for the info. Mind making an issue for this on the repo? https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues?state=open

re ngRoute, sorry everyone, found one mention of $route somewhere! Removed and now all OK.

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Thanks a lot, this error drive me crazy because I don’t understand it. I’m new with ionic and angular. Please upgrade the documentation. If I can help to modify the doc please teach me how and I can help another noob’s like me :smiley: