Yeoman Side Menu Route problem out of the box


Hi there,

I have identified a problem with the generator and the yeoman “side menu” option

yo ionic
npm install
grunt serve

I made ​​no changes

When I’m on the ‘Playlist’, I select again ‘Playlist’ in the menu

The icon has disappeared!

If I go back with my browser icon is present


The yeoman generator isn’t an official generator form the ionic team, so the best place to report an issue is on the generators github page.

I ran ionic’s official cli tool and wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. Can you try with ionics cli?

$ sudo npm install -g ionic gulp
$ ionic start myapp sidemenu
$ ionic serve


Hi @mhartington,

I ran ionic’s official cli and no problem … I’m going to report this issue on github page.
I confess I had not thought! Thanks!