Yeoman Generator - New Name

For those of you using the Ionic Yeoman generator, its been moved to generator-ionic on NPM.

You can install it by running npm install -g generator-ionic and then yo ionic inside a new directory.

Issues and suggestions welcome -

Happy hacking!


I allways get a npm ERR! Error: shasum check failed. are there known issues?

What version of npm are you using? A few people were having an issue with this but it was due to NPM.

I know I’m getting this issue with npm version 1.4.3

Was able to reproduce this seemingly unfixable issue and the only way I was able to get it to work was bump the version and republish the package.

Looks, to be working now for generator-ionic version 0.2.7

Tested on latest npm 1.4.7


How to force an ID to the Project ?

yo ionic testapp
Created a new Cordova project with name “testapp” and id “com.example.testapp”

How can I force the ID : “com.testapp.www” ??

thank you.

@ronyrun right now there’s not an input as part of the scaffolding process that allows you to set the ID, so you would have to manually update the config.xml file. If this would be a helpful feature, feel free to open a new request on

Take care Diego with this project !