XML Mapping with schema validation for Ionic

Hi guys.

So I’m facing a problem on my current project, which is to have a tool that helps me mapping a certain XML file (validated by a schema) to an Object. I’ve found JSONIX to do such thing but it runs on Node.js so it won’t work on ios/android. Do you happen to know alternatives for this? I’ve been looking for so long that I’m not able to look past anything anymore.

Appreciate the help, cheers.

Where is the XML coming from? What I’m getting at is that I think this will be both easier and more performant if you can shift the conversion work to a remote server and have the app only bother with JSON.

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Basically I have a local XML file that follows the rules of a XSD schema. I want to import and map it to use it as a domain object and keeping the XSD rules.

JSON would work but I would have to convert the XSD schema to a JSON schema to keep the rules and that is not what I’m after for because it will lead to extra work and maintenance.