Xcode environment variable

Would it be possible to access the xcode info.plist to read the variables. Reason being that i have different backend server for development and production build. Any response is greatly appreciated.

@mhartington , wonder if the team might have some inputs on this? Or would there be anyway I can switch the backend server url depending on the build scheme in Xcode? Currently I’m switching it manually by commenting and uncommenting it. Any help is greatly appreciated

Take a look at this new (rebrand) project we have called trapeze. It was originally the capacitor-configure tool but we’ve rebranded it and expanded it’s feature set to be more generic.


thank you for the reply @mhartington , would there any support for ionic cordova as seems like currently only the capacitor is being supported. Or would there be any other way we can work around this instead of manually commenting and uncommenting the url to my backend services depending if i want to build a development or release build on the xcode?

@minghwee why not do this in a Cordova build hook instead? Or better yet (if you’re using Angular) put these environment specific configurations in an environment file?