Xcode 7.1 iOS 9.1 Failed to load webpage with error: Could not connect to the server

Hi ionites. After updating to El Capitan, XCode 7.1 and iOS 9.1, my app stop working thowing the error: Failed to load webpage with error: Could not connect to the server. and remain stuck on the splashscreen. I do apply all the patches and still doesn’t work as expected. Any advice or help please !?

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Maybe that helps:

read the part “App Transport Security” of this blog post:

And try this:

Now it passes the splashscreen but give the white screen. I gotta also specify that when i run the HTML | CSS | Javascript in chrome, it works normally; which means i don’t have a problem in those codes. What can be the issue now !?

Bengtler, i’ve done everything you suggest. I’ve also updated ionic cli, updated the project, removed plugins and platform and re-add them all again and the app still stuck in the white screen after the splashscreen fade out either on a real device with iOS 9.1 or the simulator. What else can or should be done please !?

Thanks in advance for your help !

make a codepen with your app so we can have a look.

Are your template Paths correct --> without leading ‘/’! ?

I have the same problem here.

I finally resolve the issue. It was related to some plugin i was using in the app. I also update the system like npm - cordova - ionic, remove the plugins and re-add them, applied the fixes for iOS 9 and everything is good now. If anyone is dealing with such issue, try to do the same !

Thank you !

Regards from Haiti :smile:

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thanks for letting us know!

greets from sunny (but cold) germany :grin:

It’s 3:39 AM here very cool ! :smile: Not too hot and never cold as in Germany !

Bengtler, how are you doing. I’m having some trouble archiving my app to submit it to the store now. It throws the error :

chmod: Unable to change file mode on /Users/josnyjsevere/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Lenkop-cxqapogmmkxovubpyecuzomxgaiq/Build/Intermediates/ArchiveIntermediates/Lenkop/InstallationBuildProductsLocation/Applications/Lenkop.app/www/regis/user.html: Operation not permitted

What can be done to solve this please !?

maybe only your root user has access to the folder? sry i am not a mac-user :wink: But the chmod is on all unix system a tool to change access permissions to a file (read, write, execute). And the xcode user seems to not have the correct permissions.

Yes, it was related with that and i had to run chown instead of chmod to make it work. Now the app is submitted to the app store for review ! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi - I’m trying to fix this problem…can you remember which plugins you were using. I have a lot (12+) and manually removing/adding them one by one is a real pain.

Many thanks, James

I have:

  • Device
  • Geolocation
  • Google-Analytics
  • Splashscreen
  • Status Bar
  • Whitelist
  • X-Socialsharing
  • Local Notification
  • Keyboard
  • Dialogs
  • Globalization
  • InAppBrowser
  • AppRate
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Thanks @josnyS -there’s quite a bit of overlap with my list. Hopefully, I can figure out which plugin it is specifically and post back.

I solved it by just rebooting my mac