Wrapped PWA Access to Contacts

Hello - I’m a founder of Bildr.com. We’re a no/low-code tool that can create any web application or website. We’ve recently made it really easy to deploy PWAs easily from any site or ideally SPA setup in Bildr.

I’m trying to explore a path to wrapping our applications for 1. deployment to native app stores & 2. get access to native device APIs, specifically contacts access on iOS which has come up for a few customers.

It seems like the path for wrapping in a device browser is potentially fairly simple.

What I can’t figure out is if any of the existing plugins or setups can provide the native API access to a wrapped application?

Or if there’s any method that could be used for that process at all such as a mostly wrapped app that pulls up a page that allow for contact management and could then communicate directly with the native application locally or through an API call of some kind to get the contacts data over.

Appreciate any help and guidance!

You can use Capacitor contacts plugin for accessing contacts from the wrapped application.