Would Capacitor work with just vanilla Javascript, HTML and CSS?

Greetings! First of all, I want to express my apologies if this question has been answered already, whether in this forum, somewhere else or in the documentation. I’m trying my best to understand what I’m looking at and working with.

I am working on a web application that doesn’t use any additional JavaScript frameworks, besides jQuery for a few lines of code. It’s mostly vanilla. The remaining part of it is HTML and CSS, which I assume can be used without any problems…

Must have an index.html file with a <head> tag in the root of the web assets directory.

I am a bit confused with all these frameworks listed. Am I required to use one of them? I’ve tried to look for an answer but I just couldn’t find it. All I want to do is make it available as a native application for mobile devices as well.

Best wishes!

that should work as long as npx cap copy command can take the web assets from the right place
Then you are good to go.

Capacitorjs is the only framework to look at.

Vanilla project aren’t that common in capacitor land (based on this forum - so not a very validated statement), but should not be a big deal. I believe in these kind of projects the build and dev directory are basically the same because you don’t use a bundler. Other projects use bundlers to take source code to bundle into a browser friendly build.


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Thank you for your quick and simple answer!

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